A zealot of professional mountaineering, Great Himalayan Outdoors acknowledges the Himalayan charisma. Broad experience in Mountaineering and Rescue operations combines with awe aspiring power, beauty and grandeur of Nature.

In this extraordinary, sport of skills, endurance and teamwork, we facilitate full logistic support, set of qualified professionals and required permissions.

Requirements for climbing

You do not necessarily require any past experience in climbing, however, exposure of highPir Panjal Range altitude trekking is required. Knowledge and use of climbing gear will enhance your enjoyment, comfort and ability. Moreover we provide you with resource and guidance for the summit.

Start, jogging, running and work out on daily basis, for at least a month before you climb.

If you have high altitude trekking experience, contact us to experience the cosmic power of Himalaya!

List of frequently climbed peaks

  • CB -13                   (6150m)
  • Deo Tibba            (6100m)
  • Hanuman Tibba (5990m)
  • Kanamo                (5900m)
  • Laddakhi peak    (18343ft)
  • Shetidhaar           (18100ft)
  • Friendship peak (17353ft)

Mountain Biking

With a promise to keep your adrenal rush high in Himalaya, we offer complete mountainShimla Mountain Biking biking holidays. Providing bikers a complete Himalayan adventure, this section introduces traveler to rugged mountainous terrain, stunning landscapes and wonderful people.

With exclusive camping setup and bonfire, under the night full of stars brings one close to Nature.

We provide:

  • A mountain/biking expert, one point contact, excellent host with good communicating skills, native from Himachal Himalaya, well versed with social cultural and topographical aspects of regions.
  • Exclusive Trek – 3700 D, mountain bikes and accommodations en-route.


Discover the secret of Himalayan wonderlands while trekking the old Himalayan tradeTrekking Himachal routes, crossing high mountain passes, offering challenging access, to natives, traders and travelers since unknown times.

Designed to offer an unforgettable Himalayan experience, we caters to your accommodations, transport and a team of qualified mountaineers and guides offer their valuable services to create a memorable Himalayan voyage for you.

Wilderness walks, Bird watching sessions & Day hikes.

Trek up to the highest peak in the vicinity of Shimla or, meander down, under the shade of thick coniferous cover, to imbibe the pristine splendor of Himalaya. Admire wonderful flora and indigenous Himalayan birdlife. Wide range of carefully designed trails takes you through this fairy-tale Himalayan experience.

Accompanying English speaking mountain expert, reveal the beauty of these magical mountains and wonderful people.

Himalayan Tribal Safaris

Right from the Shivalik foothills, passing through Dhauladhars, Pir Panjal & Karakoram mountain ranges of the Great Himalayan system, we offer exclusive road safaris. These road trips are all inclusive of transportation, accommodations and trip representative, your Himalayan host!

Guide Services

From Colonial Heritage walk, Nature walk, Bird watching sessions, Mountain biking, Camping Trekking to Climbing expeditions. Great Himalayan Outdoors, offer professional guide services with a team of qualified mountaineers, mountain bikers, Naturalist & Historians.

Air & Surface Transport

Transport service counts vital, especially, while traveling Himalaya. A safe and reliable drive turns out as a wonderful experience. We offer range of vehicles specified to your query.

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