Nagan – Giri Ganga Trek


Nagan – Giri-Ganga Trek is a best way to trek in the close vicinity of Shimla, and to experience, an undisturbed thick pristine Pine cover with stunning views of snow-capped Himalaya.

Region: Beyond Chaila, District Shimla. H.P

Maximum Altitude: 3325 m

Grade: Moderate

Duration: 04 Days

(Ghoond to Kharapatthar)

The trek offers to admire one of the remote Himalayan countryside deep into numerous intersecting valleys. Meandering over the ridge line, this ancient route unveils the geologic puzzle where Shivalik mountain system gives way to Greater Himalaya.

Old temples and these ancient routes reveal the deep faith in the mountain Gods here as natives today trek many kilometers to get blessed from these spiritual Himalayan abodes.

Also, a symposium of rare Himalayan flora adores the lush green meadows in the thick clearings. Concluding, at the source of River Giri-Ganga, one of the most sacred rivers of the region, this is the best trekking introduction to unexplored Himachal Himalaya.

Best time to visit: Summers:

Summers: March to June and September to November.

Winters: December to March

Detailed itinerary:

Day 01: Shimla – Kufri – Theog – Sainj – Ghoond – Banari – Nagan – Bhader  Driving duration: 2.5 hours                                                                                                         Hiking duration: 05 hours


After breakfast, drive through one of the least explores Shimla countryside, loaded with apple orchards on the terrace farms and growing wide range of food grains, vegetables and aromatic spices. 
Three hour of lovely drive passes through, several princely states of Shimla, with their old forts, winding roads, to reach to the hill top village, Banari, Starting Village of the trek. 
Hike through magical dense conifers & Brown oak forest to reach an alpine meadow, Badher for overnight in tents.

Day 02: Bhader –Kanda – Teer 
Hiking duration: 05 hours

With a refreshing morning offering aerial views of mountains panorama, start your day and trek through stunning views on either side of the valleys. Cross Kanda (Pass). Rare Himalayan alpine flora and fauna and undisturbed views becomes the course of the day. 

An absolute delight for a photographer’s eye, many unspoken tales echoes these silent valleys. Stop en-route to enjoy a well deserved packed lunch. 

Finally, reach the second camp, Teer. Camp overnight, under night full of stars.

Day 03: Teer – kupper – Giri Ganga. 
Hiking duration: 06 to 07 hours 

Soak yourself in the Himalayan morning Sun and after breakfast continue your exploration today with a hike up to Kuppar, 3325 m (This is the highest point of the trek.) 

As we start hiking up to Kuppar, the undisturbed views of the snow-capped mountains is showcased from the top. The silence of the forest is constantly broken by the sounds of the melodious birds. En route, stop to enjoy your packed lunch. 

From Kuppar, descend down to Giri Ganga. Reach Gigi Ganga and camp by the side of a fresh water stream. Overnight in tents.

Day 04: Giri Ganga – Khara-Patthar – Shimla 
Driving duration: 3.5 hours

Today, after a leisure breakfast enjoy a leisure morning by the bank of fresh water stream. Later drive down to Shimla.

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