Biking through western Himalaya

Spiti Valley

Mountain biking segment of Himalayan adventure with us, offers traveler rugged high mountains rising to heaven and deep valleys nourishing their own Eco system. Carefully designed exclusive countryside riding routes keep your adrenal rush high during the day. And under nights full of stars with bonfire and exclusive tents redefines outdoor luxury in Himalaya.

Shimla countryside mountain biking

From a single day multi-days Mountain biking holidays unveils Himalaya from its core.

GHO advantage

  • A mountain/biking expert, one point contact, excellent host with good communicating skills, native from Himachal Himalaya, well versed with social cultural and topographical aspects of regions.
  • Exclusive Trek – 3700 multi-geared mountain bikes and luxury outdoor camping accommodations.
  • Peace of mind with GHO with its office at Shimla monitoring and offering 24×7 support.

Biking Shimla countryside


  • Unexplored Shimla countryside
  • 25 km of thrilling Mountain biking
  • Trek – 3700 mountain bikes
  • Splashing through waterfalls, streams and rivers
  • Outdoor lunch
  • Trained biking/mountain expert
  • Full vehicle support

Through the centuries old mountainous countryside trails offering stunning views of snow-capped mountain and deep valleys views, filled with invigorating fresh Himalayan air and age old Himalayan culture. This all and more is unveiled by your mountain/biking expert, providing a detailed introduction to its flora and fauna with an interaction session with interesting mountain people.

Concluding your day, finally, enjoy an outdoor lunch by a riverside and drive back with wonderful Himalayan memories. 

Biking Shimla colonial miles


  • Biking colonial town of Shimla
  • 15 km of ride
  • Detailed introduction of each building
  • Trained biking expert/historian

Embraced with some of the finest architectural styles, resting on the hill slopes, Shimla, truly is ‘Queen of Hills’. Discovered in early 1800’s by East Indian company, the town became the summer capital of British India in 1864 and India was ruled from this lovely hill station till the independence of country in 1947.

Still peeping through its colonial buildings with wide panorama of snow-clad Himalaya, a ride through the town unfolds the glory of the bygone era.

Old Hindustan Road biking holidays


  • Biking through the trails of Raj
  • Stunning Himalayan views
  • 50 – 70 km of ride each day
  • Choice of colonial guest house or tents
  • Trained biking/mountain expert
  • Full vehicle support
  • Trek – 3700 mountain bikes

Retrace the trails over the mountain ridge lines which compelled Rudyard Kipling to say ‘there is something hidden behind these mountains, go and find it’. Ample chances to admire the diversity of Himalayan flora and fauna and excellent way to find yourself closer to nature. An age old Hindu-Buddhist mingled culture still preserved beneath the frozen blanket of time!

Biking highlands of little Tibet

Skirting the international border with Tibet in the northern tribal districts of Lahaul & Spiti can be truly termed as lunar landscape. Devoid of any greenery, the mammoth piles of sedimentation in form of high towering mountains reveals the story of the ocean which rested here million years ago. Tiny dwellings and monasteries clinging to the cliffs, in this cold desert, exposes the hardship of life and devotion of its inhabitants.

This all becomes the routine of the day as we ride from Shimla, along River Sutlej to enter into these Highlands of Tibet. A true Himalayan adventure memory for lifetime!


  • Biking through western Himalayan range
  • Ancient Buddhist monasteries
  • 50 – 80 km of ride each day
  • Choice hotels or tents
  • Trained biking/mountain expert
  • Full vehicle support
  • Trek – 3700 mountain bikes

To design your dream Himalayan mountain biking holidays, please give us a call or drop us a mail.

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